Are the beaches overrated as a tourist destination?

Whenever someone talks about going on vacation it is preceded by “sun and fun”, mostly because the vacations are in summer. However at times it seems that the beaches are not the only place to “hit” during that rare break you get. Are they overrated as a tourist destination or a vacation place?


Ease of activities


One reason why the beach is attractive as a place of frequent visits during the holidays is the ease of getting in to the mood. Not everyone can get in to a rock climbing or a hiking spirit easily; but donning a swimming trunk and lying down in the sun somehow feels like the best things you can do during the summer. Everyone loves the idea of sun, heat and the flowers blooming all around, not to mention obtaining that perfect tan. There are so many games and activities surrounding this time and place as well; surfing and swimming aside, beach volleyball and building sand castles sound so much fun!


Well known places


If someone has the idea that beachis overrated as a vacation place, it could betrue for some well-known shores only. People get to know about beautiful beaches all the time through the internet nowadays and sharing among friends via all those chat apps etc.  When they see the attractive pictures everyone wants to visit the place. But the world is full of unfound beaches! Therefore if you love the sun, sands and fun, but don’t want to share it with too many people, find a hitherto unrevealed beach to spend your vacation with loved ones.

Added activities


Whilst some beaches offer you just that, the beach, some offer you nearby attractions where you can pursue some additional fun and activities. If you try the coasts of Australia they have the beach, river cruises, mountain climbing as well as farmers’ markets, ruins of ancient buildings and stories around them. Consider booking accommodation prior as summer can be a hectic time to find quality space. If you are travelling with a family better to reserve a separate lodge where you will have better privacy than going for hotel rooms. Try to also pre-book inner city transportation so you can efficiently get to anywhere within the area. If you choose to try out hiking etc. make sure you have a professional to go with you.


No one wants to stay at home and waste the summer away. But you need to be careful about where you are going and what activities you are planning there. Expecting too much can lead to hopelessness if the wishes don’t come true. But one thing is certain; beaches still rank number one in people’s choice of holiday fun places!


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