Do’s and Don’ts of your adventure trip

There are many sites telling you how to get ready for an adventure trip. You will go through all that and revert to the same routine you are used to, that is, not confirming the accommodation in advance, waiting till the eleventh hour so the airfare will be higher and take so long to plan what activities you are going to do, so that at the last minute you have so many gear to buy!


Waste money


Think of it this way; if you don’t prepare properly you will have to spend so much money unnecessarily that the funds you could have spent for another trip will be wasted on just one trip. Did that get your attention? All right, then, start pre-planning for a trip; Is it a hiking trip? Canoeing trip?Skiing? Where will you choose to go for any of those activities? And do you already have all the gear needed or do you have to buy anything? Remember that you are planning a trip, so when the sales come by you can purchase whatever items needed, cheaply. Also be careful about your trip partners; is everyone in good health? Especially if you are going hiking or skiing you must make sure there are no causes for alarm, as returning with one memberprobably sick and weakin the midst of itis not a very attractive trip idea.



Do not wait until the morning of the day of the trip to check your gear. There is a good chance that they need repairing or there is that part you forgot to buy after the last trip. Also do not procrastinate buying the spare parts, guide books or special clothing. You might find that they have run out of ski jerseys by the time you visit the store to buy them. If this is the first time you are going on such a trip, do not assume “everything will be all right”! You must take all required care to ensure that all the bases are covered. Remember small things such as bug sprays and candles or a matchbox. Thosestuff can come in real handy in trips to out there.



Do talk to your guide, instructor, trip partner, whoever. Make sure you are prepared fully for this trip. Do read up on the perilous things others have gone through. Not to be discouraged but you must have an idea about the real scenario which you are going to face. Also do makesure that people who are accompanying you in this trip are trustworthy; that at least you know whom to talk to if something happens! Do leave your emergency contacts with someone, and if possible everyone. You can never be too smart about things as such.


By preparing properly you can have a great adventure trip. It will surely make it more adventurous, rather than a disappointment!



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