How to planyour trip abroad

Travelling is part of our lives. When the time is right and sufficient finances are collected we embark on a journey to return with many a memories rather than selfies and photographs. Let us share some of our “tripping plans”.


Getting ready


Research, research and research; we always search on the internet and shortlist a few places we’d like to visit. If you are planning a 3-nights-4-day trip for example, once you have about 10 places, stop searching and open maps. Pin all the places in the map and see how they are scattered. If they are far away from each other, it is going to pose a problem. If you can at least get them in batches of 3-4 within a certain area of the map, that could be a feasible scenario given internal transportation. Try to also bundle up similar types of destinations together; such as, religious places on one day, shopping and night out on another. Some religious places will have dress codes so you need to be careful.

Internal transport


Based on where you are going, you can decide to take public transportation or hire a vehicle. If you are targeting a country such as Australia, for example, added to the beautiful beaches, wildly famous outback and exotic animals, they also have a developed transportation system. So you can use their inter-city or intra-city train system. However if you are going to a country such as Indonesia, their local transportation is not developed at all; you can try their mini busses for an adventure! But best is to hire a car or a van, based on the number of people in your party. It is better to scourge travel sites and find a trustworthy guide with high rating and contact that person via internet well in advance.



Most people travel through summer. Some have off days during winter. However the issue is, when many travellers are on the road, there is high demand. Therefore the pricing becomes higher in accommodation, airfares etc. So if you can take some days off when people are supposed to be at work, that is the best time to travel. You can perhaps work out a plan with the company, to cover missing tasks during the time everyone is off and take your vacation time when they are back! Timing is important when deciding where to go on a given day; this is again where an experienced guide would come in handy as they’d know traffic situation, vehicle situation, weather etc. and they can advise on where to go on a certain day and how many places to be targeted to visit.



So start planning today! It is exciting to take off suddenly but that is highly discouraged if you want to have a good time. Best method is to talk to others, searchthoroughly and choose a place to visit. Makingyourown itinerary and having a concrete plan of when- to-do-what, can give you a relaxed mind to enjoy the places you are visiting.

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