Pristine beaches, blue ocean and the kangaroos!

When you hear “kangaroos” you indisputably think of Australia as it is the only place where they exist! However what you didn’t know is that kangaroos are not the only thing the great continent is known for. Being the only continent, which is also a single country this unique spot deserves more attention and your visit if possible.


Valuable information


Not only is a single country, Australia also is an island. It is amazing to see the gorgeous beach surrounding the country. It is well known to have various flora and fauna; there are many animals that are endemic to the country even though many are aware of just the kangaroos.It is home to more than one million native species. Its isolation as such a large country of that size, has paved way to have more than eighty percent of its plants, animals including mammals, reptiles and freshwater fish and birds, endemic. Its marine atmosphere provides a home to four thousand fish species, fifty sorts of marine mammals, corals and an extensive range of seabirds. Also due to the very reason of remoteness most of the flora and fauna are quite unique from the other parts of the world.

Endemic species


Due to the geographical uniqueness of the country they have more than several noteworthy species that are endemic, meaning they can only be found in that certain area in the world. Among them is, of course the kangaroo. Although to those of us living in the other parts of the world kangaroo is an exotic animal which is quite special, to some residents in rural Australia, they are pests who hinder with cattle and sheep farming. Due to the large area of wilderness kangaroos grow freely in here. Dingos are another sort of animals who are native to Australia; they are a type of a feral dog and even the very first colonists in 1788 have reported seeing a dingo. Apart from that you can see Koala bears, Monotremes and about half of a staggering 828 species of birds, who are endemic to this beautiful land

Special facts 


Apart from all these flora and fauna, the UNESCO World Heritage has listed world’s largest coral reef system in Australia known as Great Barrier Reef. Along with that the ocean around it supports 4000 fish species and 30 seagrass species of which the world only has 58. It is also home to poisonous snakes and reputed as the continent which has more venomous serpents than any other continent, 21 out of the total of 25 present in the world!


This is but a little bit of details about the great country cum continent. So when you are next planning the summer vacation consider visiting Australia to have a unique experience.



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