Visit the beach with the whitest sanded in the world

Wind sweeping the ocean in your face, national parks and ancient monuments within grasp, private beaches to lie down and not too far away from civilization; if there is a place with all these together it is Australia and specifically, Jervis Bay in New South Wales.

Where to go?


Jervis bay is a rough 10 kms long beach walk which is actually a hundred and two square kilometer bay area. It surrounds a few villages by the sea. The beach is said to have the whitest sand in the whole wide world. The area is full of caves and hence the beach is known as “cave beach”. Cave beach is quite popular with surfers and also spearfishing. Visitors can try a hand at fishing and attempt to catch a well-known fish in the area, a Red morwong. It is about half-a-feet to one foot long and will fill your tummy as your lunch if you were, in fact, able to catch it.

More places to see


Jervis bay is also known for the famous Cape St George Lighthouse. It stood closer to Jervis Bay Village and was built as long as 1860. It served all seamen and fishermen until between 1917-1922 it had to be destroyed to avoid muddles regarding daylight. Its ruins remain to date and are listed as a valuable site in the commonwealth list. Not too far away is the BoodereePark and botanical gardens, named by the local aboriginal people themselves to mean “bay of plenty”. Point Perpendicular Light is another renowned lighthouse situated in overseeing the Bay which was built in 1899. This beautiful area, situated only 3 hours away from both Sydney and Canberra is really a place not to be missed.

Accommodation and the rest


Now that you are certain about visiting Jervis bay, start packing and planning the trip! There are various types of accommodation in the area, from star hotels to campers’ huts and holiday rental properties. You might want to reserve them for a bit of a longer time as the turquoise waters and numerous activities are simply irresistible. There are things to do for adults, kids, surfers, trekkers, lazy people who want to lie down on the beach and just for everyone under the sun. Another exciting thing is whale and dolphin watching. Plan a trip early in the morning and you can see these majestic animals and be friendly with the dolphins bounding by you in the sea. Jervis bay also offers wedding venues, and who wouldn’t want to get married in a dreamy backdrop as such?


If you want to have a taste of an authentic beach with a taste of indigenous peoples’ lives Jervis Bay is the place to be. Try visiting them and enjoy their life!



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